A General Approach to Model Movement in (Highly) Fragmented Patch Networks

Morales, J.M., di Virgilio, A., Delgado, M.M. & Ovaskainen, O. 2017 In: Journal of Agricultural, Biological and Environmental Statistics. Accepted


Genetics of dispersal

Saastamoinen, M. A. K.,Bocedi, G., Cote, J., Legrand, D., Guillaume, F., Wheat, C.W., Fronhofer, E.A., Garcia, C., Henry, R., Husby, A., Baguette, M., Bonte, D., Coulon, A., Kokko, H., Matthysen, E., Niitepõld, K., Nonaka, E.,Stevens, V. M., Travis, J. M. J., Donohue, K., Bullock, J. M. & Delgado, M. D. M. 2017 In: Biological Reviews. Accepted

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