I am interested on a wide array of issues within behavioural and evolutionary ecology, biodiversity and conservation biology. The main goal of my scientific trajectory is to carry out multidisciplinary, synthetic ecological and evolutionary research with a strong collaborative basis. Indeed, the main focus of my research is on gaining an integrated understanding of the structure and dynamics of natural populations and communities by combining rigorous statistical analyses and modelling with long-term population monitoring data and experiments in field conditions.
My specific interests include (1) the study of how movement strategies during dispersal influences the demographic and evolutionary dynamics of spatially structured populations, and conversely how ecological and evolutionary dynamics provide the context against which individuals make their dispersal decisions; (2) the understanding of the spatial and temporal variability of community-level phenological responses to climate change; and (3) the study of large carnivore-human conflicts, and the ecology of brown bear populations in human-dominated landscapes.

I am currently a postdoctoral research (Ramon y Cajal fellow) at the Research Unit of Biodiversity (UMIB) of the University of Oviedo, Spain.


My other interests: