Current members

Toni Vicedo (technician)


Former members

Baptiste Bongibault (undergraduate student)

Title:  Spatial pattern of White-winged snowfinches (Montifringilla nivalis nivalis) and its relationship with plant functional diversity

Biodiversity Research Institute (IMIB)

Directors: María Mar Delgado

Corrado Alessandrini (student)

Title:  Multi-scale analysis of the foraging and nesting behaviour of the White-winged Snowfinch (Montifringilla nivalis nivalis): can remotely-sensed predictors produce more accurate and transferable models?

Directors: María Mar Delgado and Mattia Brambilla

Biodiversity Research Institute (IMIB)

Mateo Pasante (Undergraduate student)

Title: Phenological changes in rare species phenology (from a functional point of view) produced by climate change.

Directors: María Mar Delgado & David Álvarez

University of Oviedo

Gleb Tikhonov (PhD student)

Title: Bayesian latent factor approaches for modelling ecological species communities

Directors: Otso Ovaskainen & María Mar Delgado

University of Helsinki

Giulia Bombieri (PhD student)

Title: Large carnivore attacks on humans: a worldwide study to investigate triggering factors, scenarios, spatial-temporal patterns and species attributes

Directors: María Mar Delgado &Vincenzo Penteriani

University of Oviedo

Alejandra Zarzo (PhD student)

Title:  Brown bear (Ursus arctos) in the Cantabrian Mountains as an example of the coexistence
between humans and large carnivores in human-dominated landscapes.

Directors: Vincenzo Penteriani & María Mar Delgado

University of Oviedo

Kiara Bettega (PhD student)

Title: Migration strategies and circannual patterns of habitat use of snowfinches (Montifringilla nivalis nivalis) in a patchy alpine landscape

Directors: María Mar Delgado & Mattia Brambilla

University of Oviedo